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THALWEG is a participatory singing promenade along the river Thames exploring the connection between world ethnic cultures and river rights.

Maori view their rivers as tupuna (ancestors). For Hindus, the rivers Yamuna and Ganges in India are Goddesses with sacred water. The ethnic communities in the area of Chocó, in Colombia, have been designated ‘Guardians’ of the river by law.
What is the river Thames to Londoners, in all our diversity? Do rivers have a voice? Do they have rights? How deepening the connection between culture and nature can protect entire ecosystems, including ourselves?


Thalweg creative process has included interactive workshops with London communities connected to Maori, Colombian and Indian cultures and workshops with local communities in Rotherhithe to become participation leaders for the singing promenade performances.

Concept by Sarah Le Quang Sang and Laura Guarch

Music composition: Laura Guarch

Visual Scenography: Sarah Le Quang Sang

Featured Singers: Laura Guarch, Kate Smith, Eleanor Rashid, Sarah Le Quang Sang

Sound recording: Ben Kelly

Videography: Adam Jaro

Amazing! I have never been more connected to a river

Spiritual, beautiful and unique

Lovely, ethereal, immersive

Bordering on magical

Part of Totally Thames 2019 that runs from 1-30 September

Totally Thames 2019 Blue logo

Supported by the Mayor of London's Culture Seeds

@LDN_culture #cultureseeds

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