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In a rapidly changing city, INNER CIRCLE reflects on the potential futures of public space. Upon the canvas of Arnold Circus gardens, Inner Circle juxtaposes the wishes of local groups for their ideal public space with how privatisation may potentially transform social behaviours.

Vocal music without words acquires a narrative through the spatialisation of sound and relationship to visual elements. The music of Inner Circle aims to live score the community's ideas. It seeks to embrace the audience in a sense of collectiveness in which all of us, invited into the Inner Circle, may be questioned about what we want from public space as the space that belongs to all.

Concept, Music and Sound installation: Laura Guarch

Scenography & Choreography: Sarah Le Quang Sang

Sound artist mentoring: Keir Vine

Singers: Laura Guarch, Kate Smith, Eleanor Rashid

Technical support from Rich Mix London

Created with the collaboration of +80 elders group and guide girls group of St Hilda's Community Centre

Commissioned by Spitalfields Music in partnership with Rich Mix London

Photography: James Berry

Video: Zen Grisdale

Inner Circle - live performance video (30min)

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