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We’re here to give threatened environments a voice. 


Convex focuses people’s attention on issues hidden outside of the public eye.


Whether it’s development, pollution or commodification of space, places as we know them can disappear if we don’t watch out for them.


As a place disappears, so does its role in holding a community together. Through our lens, people and places form living ecosystems that we want to preserve and revive. 


The experiences we create use voice and movement to embody a place and the pressures against it.


Convex’s performances embrace our environments using melodic soundscapes and choral promenades. We immerse our participants in a collective experience to challenge their perceptions and provoke thoughtful awareness.

Walk with us. Sing with us. Listen with us.



Our work to date has given a voice to the following places:


 Rivers (Thalweg), who are entitled to rights, just as the communities they support.


 London (Defence to Forbid), who has lost countless public places to privatisation.


Arnold Circus (Inner Circle), who has preserved its soul while enduring transformation.


Woolwich Foot Tunnel (Float), who connects north to south under a world of water and memory

Windows of the world (Echo Station), as spaces for connection rather than frames for isolation


Convex is an artist collaboration between Sarah Le Quang Sang and Laura Guarch. 

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